Department of Master of Business Administration
Sushila Devi Bansal College of Technology is committed to prepare the students for managerial careers in the contemporary corporate world by sharpening their analytical skills and honing leadership qualities while imbuing ethical tenets in their personae.SDBCT has evolved from being newest management institute to a notable management institute in Indore region in just six years. Established in 2005 by the Bansal group which has a proven track record of commitment to provide quality education, SDBCT has carved out a niche for itself right from the time of its inception.

The objective of the institute is to create new frontiers for the students and develop ethical, responsible, entrepreneurial and socially sensitive leader and managers. This institute promotes innovative management thoughts through producing risk-taking leader-managers who will pioneer new managerial practices and set new standards thus contributing organizations to reach new heights. As you set your firs
Head of the Department
Dr. Indu Bhargava
Ph.D., MBA, M.A. (Psychology)
Dr. Indu Bhargava heads the team of highly qualified and dedicated management faculty. She is enriched with over 17 years of experience in Teaching and Industry. Due to her expertise in psychology she possesses a deep insight of human behavior. Her participative approach & commitment to teaching has already generated great enthusiasm and excitement amongst potential managers and the Departments as a whole.